Content Management System

Content Management System

Going online with a website is important to your company, as it will enables to turn website traffic into potential customers who want to procure products or services. Most entrepreneurs, however, feel they lack expertise required to run a website once it has been built and gone live. That’s where we come in, because we offer so-called Content Management Systems (CMS) for websites. Main benefit of having a CMS is that you need no technical expertise to use it to maintain a website. There are no downsides to using a content management system regarding websites, as we will take care of development and integration of features regarding website, entirely to your requirements! Not only will we develop a CMS for your websites, we will also show how to use a CMS. After completion of a website, we will create a digital and a physical manual with clear step-by-step directions.

Open Source CMS

Another advantage of a CMS is that any new features that are developed can easily be integrated into the system, for example when we are taking operations into a new industry or want to start offering additional services or products. We will always make sure your CMS is up to date, so that we are always working with latest versions. If necessary, we will, of course, also update the digital and hard-copy manual whenever we add new features to your websites.
Using a tailored Content Management System on websites comes with numerous advantages, including:
We will optimize CMS for Google search engine, making it even easier for potential customers to find you using required search terms We provide bespoke solutions and don’t unnecessarily complicate things. A management system with a simple and user-friendly user interface Adding new text or editing existing text yourself is easy thanks to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor You don’t need technical know-how to add new pages or remove ones you don’t want anymore. Easily edit or delete photos yourself. A management system that offers easy adaptability and scalability, meaning that newly developed features can always be incorporated You can do most of the website editing yourself and don’t need any technical knowledge.

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