Process Description

Our work processin 3 steps

Clear and transparent so you always know where you stand!

Planning - Strategy

Planning of the work and determine the strategy

Design - Development

Execute functionalities and design

Testing - Delivery

Functionality testing and delivery

Process description of each step


Planning - Strategy As soon as we have sealed an agreement with a customer following a quote, it is time to start with the first step of our work process. This first step is to plan the work and define a strategy to go by. During this first step, you will be asked to specify your requirements in great detail, while we will help you with suggestions if you don’t have a clear idea yet of what exactly you want or need. We will involve you, as the customer, in scheduling the work, and give you a date on which we expect to have the project ready for you. We will also go over the strategy with you, and give you plenty of opportunity to introduce your own ideas. Once we have agreed on the plan and the strategy to use, it will be time to actually get started on the work. In the event that the project were to gain greater urgency at a later stage, we can always rethink the plan with you and make any required changes.


Design - Development The second step in our work process is also the main one. This is when we make the design and implement it. As soon as we know all your requirements, we can get to work. We will maintain regular contact with our customer throughout the process. Our customers can always rely on regular progress updates on the project and we will regularly ask you for your approval for what we have done so far. You can always specify further requirements for the project, because we will not rest until you are fully satisfied with the project! The second part of this step consists of, after we have received your go-ahead, implementing the design. Implementation will not be necessary for all projects. A logo, for example, is ready for use as soon as the design has been completed and approved. Also after implementation, you can make comments. After your green light for step 2, it is time for the next step.


Testing - Delivery The third step of our work process comprises the testing of the work we have done and delivery thereof. We will subject everything to thorough tests prior to delivery. If you happen to find after delivery that certain features are not working correctly, we will rectify this for you free of charge. As soon as we have, after further testing and implementation of possible improvements, obtained your approval, it will be time to deliver the project. How we deliver the project depends on the work we have done for you.


Maintenance - Optimization After project delivery, you can also turn to us for possible maintenance. Also after delivery, we can make changes to the project to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. If, for example, you have brought us in to build a website with CMS, we can always develop and integrate new features for you at a later stage. For further details about website or web store maintenance, please contact us for a customized proposal.