Website Analysis

Website Analysis for Existing Websites

Building a webdesign is one thing, potential customers finding websites is another. It is extremely important that consumers find your company whenever they use certain keyword terms in a searchengine.
After all, you want your web site to be above those of competitors in potential customers’ keyword results whenever they are looking for products or services.
A high ranking in Google results is conditional on having a searchengine friendly website. In exploring which approach to use in making a design searchengine friendly, we first have to make an optimization report.
We check a design on a large number of points that are needed to get a high search ranking in Google.

Website Analysis Optimization Report

An optimization report is always specific to the web site analyzed, because every design is unique and every design calls for a different approach. Factors influencing how we will go about boosting a web site’s search ranking include amount of competitors, amount of and which keyword terms to give a good position in Google, target group you want to reach, and of course type of web site.
As we analyze your webdesign, we will always keep you in the loop, ensuring that we are always up to speed on the latest progress.
Aside from that, we will discuss various tactical options available to get a high search ranking in Google.
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